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About Company

Navitas Engineering & Automation is a company from Bosnia and Herzegovina which brings together professionals in the fields of designing, engineering, testing, commissioning and consulting in all types of power engineering projects. Navitas was founded to connect competent individuals who can offer quality and efficient power engineering solutions to the market. Although we have been in existence for only one year as a legal entity, our experience counts more than 40 years of work and success in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad.

Since its foundation in July 2013, Navitas has had the goal to professionally present not only its technical but also its business know-how. For that purpose we have worked with experts to develop a corporate identity and a strategy which will serve as our guide in the years ahead. Our qualities have been recognized by clients from the very beginning. In less than a year of existence we have demonstrated  our competences in three demanding and a number of smaller projects in Libya, Iraq and Bosnia and Herzegovina.


The goal of Navitas is to become the partner of choice to all significant companies in the power engineering sector in Southeast Europe. We especially want to enhance our efficiency, quality and flexibility in the execution of projects regardless of their location and complexity.


In the electric power sector Navitas will be recognized for its competency, integrity and long-term development. Our success will be based on fair and professional relationships with our employees, associates, clients and society.


Design, Engineering, Testing and Commissioning, Consulting

Our Team

  • Dipl. el. ing. Alen Burdžović
    Dipl. el. ing. Alen BurdžovićCO-FOUNDER NAVITAS D.O.O.Over 20 years of international experience in the field of substation protection and automation with focus on design, engineering, testing  & commissioning and consulting.
  • Dipl. el. ing. Ensar Kalajdžisalihović
    Dipl. el. ing. Ensar KalajdžisalihovićCO-FOUNDER NAVITAS D.O.O.Over 12 years of international experience in the fields of SCADA systems on local and remote level and RTU's in electrical substations and power plants with focus on design, engineering and testing & commissioning.
  • Dipl. El. Ing. Adnan Pašić
    Dipl. El. Ing. Adnan PašićCO-FOUNDER NAVITAS D.O.O.Over 15 years of international experience in the fields of substation protection, control and SCADA sytems with focus on design,  engineering and testing & commissioning.

External Associates

Apart from its internal staff, Navitas has at its disposal a network of external associates who are experts in different fields. By connecting our resources with those of specialized partners, we are able to face demanding professional challenges and offer solutions that fit the dynamic trends of the market. This approach enables us to complete projects of various dimensions and complexity, because we rely not only on electrical engineers but also on seasoned professionals in civil engineering, law, economics and other disciplines. We are convinced that the exchange of knowledge and experiences is one of the keys to fulfilling the demands of our clients in a professional manner.

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